aptx amplifier TSA1110 PCBA
Change the Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board BT name and PIN code

This is a tutorial about change the New TSA1740 Bluetooth 5 Audio amplfier board BT name and PIN code.

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How to Turn On the Aux Input function of Bluetooth Audio Module

Tinysine AudioB plus Bluetooth audio module have a Aux in port. But the module default settings has this port turned off. You can use a CSR progarmmer change the module settings and turn this port on.

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Panelization Guidelines For Odd-shaped PCB

For the boards of regular shapes like rectangular boards, it is quite easy to design the PCB layout of the panel. When it comes to some odd-form boards, however, it is far more complicated to design the panel layout. So this guide is going to teach you ho

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